A list of the 10 best time tracking applications for you to choose from

Reviewing 10 of the Best Employee Timesheet Apps

If the idea of spending countless hours sorting through employee timesheets and doing calculations fills you with dread, don't worry! We have compiled a list of the best time tracking apps for you to choose from.
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Employee monitoring apps that invade your privacy with sneaky screenshots, tracking your mouse clicks and keeping tabs on which sites you visit. Nope, not cool. We're not saying these apps are completely useless, but if they're spying on you, they ain't making it onto our nice list. These dirty scoundrels include TimeCamp, TimeDoctor, Hubstaff, Replicon and Clockify. They're banished from our awesome list of top-notch tools.


Teami logo
Fixed banded price depending on agency size from $49/month
Multiple currency for projects and team members
Critical project and team member insights and reports
Task planning
Direct invoicing
Multiple Billing Settings
Its sleek and intuitive interface makes time tracking a walk in the park. With its multiple billing settings by task rate, team member rate, set-hourly project rate and fixed rates, billing is a breeze.
Multiple Currencies
Teami supports multiple currencies, making it ideal for global teams. The reports are visually appealing and provide insightful data on project and team members. These reports, generated in any currency, include project billing reports; billable vs cost reports for team members and projects with KPIs; utilisation reports and team member availability and allocation reports.
Cost-wise, all features are included in the banded rates. No exception. The bigger your team, the lower the price per Team Member. All new, upcoming features will continue to be included in your fixed rate plan - not a paid ‘extra’.


Harvest logo
Price: $12/user per month
Simple and easy to use
Detailed invoicing feature for Time and Material projects
Lacks some pretty standard reports
Multiple currency limitations
If you're searching for a time tracker that has an invoice feature that picks up which of the billable time is to be invoiced, with integrations with Paypal and Stripe so your clients can easily pay online, Harvest is a great choice. It also integrates with Xero and Quickbooks to copy your invoices and payments over from Harvest.

My Hours

My hours logo
Price: $9/user per month
Detailed time reports with billing and cost rates
Calculate project profitability with budgeting features
No multiple currency feature
Could be nicer to look at
This app is great for keeping track of your work hours and has some advanced reporting capabilities. You can organize all your projects, track your time, and get insights from reports. Plus, you can even create invoices!


Synergist logo
Price: $375 per month
Great reporting and project insight
Staff scheduling
The user interface is not the best
Synergist excels in certain areas, particularly in staff scheduling and project financials. This includes managing project communications, scheduling tasks with a drag-and-drop feature, generating reports and visual dashboards, handling billing, managing the business pipeline, assessing profitability by client or project type, tracking work in progress, recognizing revenue, and evaluating team utilization.


Timely logo
Price: $11/user per month
($20 for monitoring costs, $28 for multiple currencies)
AI time tracking (but 100% private)
Modern app with a slick UI
No use of live exchange rates for multiple currencies
Can take some getting use to
Timely lets your team members focus on getting stuff done instead of worrying about tracking time. Normally, with time sheets, you have to constantly stay on top of logging your hours or it becomes a chaotic nightmare by the end of the week. But with Timely, you can just do your thing and the app will automatically fill in your timesheet for you using some seriously smart AI that captures work activity in the background. Timely has a great task planning feature too. You can manage your tasks by dragging and dropping them on these neat-looking Gantt charts.

QuickBooks Time

QuickBooks Time logo
Price: $40 per month base
+ $10 per user per month
Great for organizing and scheduling staff when they're out and about
All basic features
Design is dated
Doesn’t track or report on costs
QuickBooks Time has got all your main time tracking needs covered and it even has a basic scheduling feature where you can set shifts and jobs for your employees. But the real reason to choose this time tracker is because it's part of the QuickBooks family. If you're already using QuickBooks in your accounting department, this time tracker integrates perfectly with it.


Invoxy logo
Price: $79 per month base fee
+ $6 per user per month
Great for sending approval request to third parties/clients
Great visibility status of all timesheets
Not intuitive - need to navigate too many different sections to add information
No multiple currency feature
Invoxy's main timesheet feature is the third-party approval function. This allows clients to review and approve timesheets from an email without the need to log in and Invoxy maintains a complete record of all approvals made. Admin users have the ability to quickly add bulk time entries, and the summary page allows for easy tracking of timesheet statuses. Additionally, users can create and send large batches of invoices to multiple clients.

Toggl Track

Toggl Track logo
Price: $10/user per month
($20 for tracking billable time and costs)
Simple and easy to use
Modern, clean app
No task based billing settings
Lacks important features in standard plan
Toggl Track is a widely popular and frequently used among time tracking apps available. It stands out with its unique and simple design. In addition to a Pomodoro timer, the app offers idle detection (private), which notifies users when they are not actively using their computer and allows them to adjust their timeline accordingly.
Toggl Track not only functions as a trustworthy time tracker but also offers helpful features for organization, task management, reporting, and invoicing.


Float logo
Price: 12.50/user per month
($20 for tracking billable time and costs)
Simple scheduling and tracking
Easy to use and pleasing UI
Lacks proper task tracking
No multiple currencies
The Float app is perfect for users who need a simple way to schedule and track time. Float offers a user-friendly app with impressive visuals. You can effortlessly plan and track time by simply dragging and dropping tasks, users, and projects. Likewise, analyzing team performance is also intuitive and visually appealing.


Scoro logo
Price: $42/user per month
($71 for tracking billable time and costs)
Advanced budgeting, utilization & resource management
A lot of features
Steep learning curve
Scoro is an all-in-one platform with interconnected "modules" - everything from managing your projects to sales and CRM. All main functions any company would need are all present in one single platform so no jumping back and forth using various tools. If you’re looking to manage your business top-to-bottom, then Scoro is hard to beat.

Top 5 best timesheet apps at a glance

ProductTeami logoHarvest logoMy hours logoTimely logoSynergist logo
Price (paid monthly)
Based on
team size
$12 per user$9 per user$11 per user$375/month
Timesheets Entry
Project Billing Reports
Billable vs Cost Reports
Utilization Rates
Multiple Currencies
Managing Projects
Resource Planning
*has limitations**additional fees

Pricing: How the 10 Best Timesheet Apps Compare

Quick Comparison (Pay Monthly)
Per Admin/ Base FeePer Team Member10 Team Members30 Team Members60 Team Members100 Team Members
Teami logoN/ABandings$49$99$149$149
Harvest logoN/A$12$120$360$720$1,200
My hours logoN/A$9$90$270$540$900
Synergist logo$110$13$240$500$890$1,410
Timely logoN/A$11$110$330$660$1,100
QuickBooks Time logo$40$10$140$340$640$1,040
Invoxy logo$79$6$139$259$439$679
Toggl Track logoN/A$10$100$300$600$1,000
Float logoN/A$13$125$375$750$1,250
Scoro logoN/A$42$420$1,260$2,520$4,200

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We really care about the experience our users have within Teami, this means we put extra effort into making sure our product is user friendly and intuitive.
No training needed
High team adoption with privacy first
Teami is anti-surveillance meaning no screen recording or privacy violations. This helps our users get high team buy-in with a time tracking solution they are happy to use.
Powerful features for everyone
We do not charge extra for our multiple currency features or billing types. You can use our full product on every plan - the banded costs depend on the size of your agency.

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