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Team Member Management

Detailed team member profiles, all in one easy-to-navigate team page
Teami team members screen
Active projects, allocation and availability by team member
Teami team members screen

Generate reports on your team's Assignment Dates, Availability and Utilization

Generated report table

Accurately track team member productivity, utilization, availability and work capacity.

When a new project comes in, how easily can you identify the team members that will do the work?
With Teami, its extremely easy.
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What team members are overloaded?
Who is underutilized?
Who becomes available in the next few weeks or months?
Which active projects are they working on? And for how many hours?

Teami has a range of team member management tools that will quickly give you this information at the click of a button.

Filter by Availability

Run Utilization reports

View Allocation and Availability

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Instant access to important team tools and reports
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Online Timesheet Portal

Invite each team member to their own private portal where they can record their time
A simple calendar view to submit hours
A unique team member dashboard

Rapidly allocate time to projects and tasks

Have a complete overview of your team's time

View Draft Hours

As your team add time to their portals you can view all time entered, even when it has not been submitted for approval, so you always know who is on track to submit in time and who needs a nudge.

Easily Review and Approve timesheets

Simply manage all approval requests as they come in, viewed on one page.

Identify potential issues quickly

When reviewing timesheets, we show you expected hours versus submitted hours for each team member, helping you identify problems asap.

No more missing timesheets

Using our Summary section you can see a complete overview of all timesheets, in real time. Nudge or follow up with any team members that you see are not on track.

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Powerful timesheet software that saves your team time.
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Billing Types to match every type of client

Will the client be billed at individual team member rates, task-based rates, a set-hourly project rate or a fixed fee?
Teami consolidates individual timesheets and applies the billing rate according to your individual project settings to make invoicing simple.
Time & Material Projects with different hourly rates depending on the task worked.
Task based billing uses varying hourly rates for different tasks, regardless of the team member who performed the task.
Different hourly rates depending on the team member completing the work?
Team Member billing rates uses each team member’s default or custom hourly rate, regardless of the task.
One standard Project rate for All Team Members and tasks.
A set-project rate uses a fixed hourly rate regardless of team members working or tasks completed.

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Use our billing types to generate accurate financial reports.
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Project Management

Manage your projects and clients in one simple and easy-to-navigate projects screen.

Get project insights like never before with our project reports

A full audit history on every project tracking all changes by every team member.
Allocate team members to projects, track their individual start and end dates alongside allocated weekly hours.

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Project management designed for financial teams in agencies
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Reporting Suite

Critical business reports, in any currency...

Team Member Reports

Team Member Cost vs Billable

Report consolidating all individual team members' hours, giving billable totals and cost totals with profit, GP margins and mark-up KPIs.

Generate reports for payroll

Cross reference team member and subcontractor bills with your own accurate records.

Team Member Capacity and Availability

Report showing which active projects team member's are working on, for how many allocated hours, the percentage unused capacity and how many hours they have available for new projects

Team Member Utilization

Report that shows individual team member utilization rates to identify underutilization or overload

Team Member Assignment Dates

A snapshot report of the project each team member is assigned to and when their allocation is due to finish.

Project Reports

Allocation and Dates

A snapshot report of project dates, who is assigned to the project and for what dates.

Project Billing

Report showing how many hours to bill clients for, for which team member and at what rate and currency

Project Billing vs Cost

See project profitability, GP margins, markup KPIs and more.

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Access reports designed for exactly how your agency operates.
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Multi Currency support designed for cross border, global agencies

Teami fully supports multi currency agencies with our built in foreign exchange and currency conversion tools
Keep track of team member billable and pay currencies from their profiles
Select a Billable Currency for every client project
If you use forward contracts to protect against currency fluctuation, or you have a baseline exchange rate you always use then you can input this into Teami, or simply use the live market rates.

Generate any report using the live foreign exchange market rate, or enter your own exchange rates

100% Accurate reporting, every time!

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Use the first truly multi currency timesheet software in your agency.
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Here’s why agencies love Teami

Simple, fast and modern
We really care about the experience our users have within Teami, this means we put extra effort into making sure our product is user friendly and intuitive.
No training needed
High team adoption with privacy first
Teami is anti-surveillance meaning no screen recording or privacy violations. This helps our users get high team buy-in with a time tracking solution they are happy to use.
Powerful features for everyone
We do not charge extra for our multiple currency features or billing types. You can use our full product on every plan - the banded costs depend on the size of your agency.