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Free Weekly Timesheet Templates: Printable and Editable Resources

100% Free weekly and monthly timesheet templates.
Available as editable and printable templates, spreadsheets or documents.
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Use our pre-made timesheet templates to track your employee or freelancer work hours.

There are two types of free pre-made templates here:
Paper timesheets are manually filled-out documents used by agency employees and freelancers to document their hours worked, overtime, leave and rates.
Agencies may have employees submit timesheets on paper to keep a detailed record of how many hours an employee has worked each day and to track billing for clients.
For a ready made printable timesheet, simply download one of our free weekly or monthly PDF templates or download one of our other templates and print.
Editable Spreadsheet or Doc Timesheets
Word or Google Docs timesheets contain similar information as the printable timesheets, but can be edited online and printed or stored digitally.
Excel and Google Sheet timesheets can also be printed or stored digitally online, but are more convenient as they can provide automatic calculations of the total hours, time spent on a certain projects and tasks, pay or cost totals etc.
You just need to download a free agency timesheet template in your preferred format here so you don’t have to spend hours creating one!

Free Weekly Timesheet Templates: Printable and
Editable Resources

Limitations of Using Timesheet Templates - And How You Can Solve Them

When it comes to time tracking for agencies, most are likely familiar with the timesheet spreadsheet.
A quick search of the phrase will throw up a multitude of options for tracking staff hours and worksheets in various formats, however the inherent problems of using timesheet spreadsheets still remain:

Eliminate Errors with Teami's Timesheet Software

Entry and Formula Errors
Entry errors where time is entered incorrectly or doesn't match the expected format, or incorrect, altered or deleted formulas are all issues that cause frustrating time delays and resource drain.
It seems like no matter how hard you try, there's always an entry or formula error lurking around the corner. As an agency that relies on accurate timesheets, these errors can be a major headache.

Teami Tracks All Your Historical Changes

Historical Changes
Changes to the team member rates? Or task rates? When did they change? Reassignment of a team member to another project? When was that exactly and who made the change? Templates won't store your historical changes or notes.
Fine, if you’re Alex Mullen, the World Memory Championship winner, but if not, it’s useful to have all the historical changes and notes there for you for each project and team member.

Teami Simplifies Your Billing Process

Consolidate for Billing
With the endless amount of timesheets that need to be reviewed and processed for agencies, it can be a daunting task to consolidate and combine all the individual timesheets to accurately generate an overall picture of how much time was spent on a certain project or task for billing purposes.
Even once you’ve consolidated the hours and you know how many hours need invoicing for, is the client to be billed at the individual team member rate, a project rate, or at a task rate?

Teami Tracks Team Member's Active Projects, Capacity and Availability

Capacity and Availability
If only flipping through a timesheet could tell you if a team member has the capacity to complete a particular project or task. Sure, you can get the hours they spent on it last week, but it still doesn't answer the question of their availability or capacity - which active projects a team member is working on and for how many allocated hours so you can confidently allocate or assign them to another project.
They also don’t tell you the project or team member timeline - the dates the project is due to end or the dates the team member assignment is coming to an end.

Track Your Team's Productivity, With Teami

Utilization and Productivity
Timesheet templates don’t tell you anything about utilization or productivity. Bottom line - tracking your team's billable vs. non-billable hours is an essential measure for getting an accurate picture of how productive your projects really are. Knowing how your team are spending their time lets you identify underutilization and overload, enabling you to manage resources better and ensure that tasks are completed within budget.

Teami Provides Essential Business and Financial Reports

Reports and Analytics
Timesheet templates don't tell you about the profitability of projects or team members. Whether it’s tracking the billable vs cost for each project or the billable vs cost for each team member, having a good grasp on the financials is all important in order to keep tabs on how your projects and team members are doing.
KPI’s such as utilization, productivity, profitability are the measures you need to be monitoring regularly in order to stay on track and hit your targets

An alternative to traditional agency timesheet templates

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Teami time tracking software helps you accurately record time and has all the features mentioned above to help you calculate your billing based on tasks rates, project rates or individual team member rates, to help you track productivity, utilization, capacity, availability, team member and project profitability.

Here’s why agencies love Teami

Simple, fast and modern
We really care about the experience our users have within Teami, this means we put extra effort into making sure our product is user friendly and intuitive.
No training needed
High team adoption with privacy first
Teami is anti-surveillance meaning no screen recording or privacy violations. This helps our users get high team buy-in with a time tracking solution they are happy to use.
Powerful features for everyone
We do not charge extra for our multiple currency features or billing types. You can use our full product on every plan - the banded costs depend on the size of your agency.

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