The 5 W’s of sales – why are they are important for your Outstaffing company?


What are the 5 W’s of sales and why are they important?

The Outstaffing industry is highly competitive, however with remote talent now receiving more opportunities than ever before there is an excellent opportunity for companies hoping to make the most of the global talent shortage in software development.

When starting any business, be it a product or a service the very first thing you should do is ask yourself 5 simple questions.

Who are we?

Clearly outline your company’s identity. Having this in place will make it easy to introduce yourself to customers. You can make this more complicated if you want to target a specific niche or keep it simple to appear to a wider market.

E.g. – We are an Outstaffing company based in Western Ukraine who specialise in .Net development. (Simple)

E.g. – We are an Outstaffing company based in Ivano Frankivsk specialising in .Net core development for the property industry.

Both have advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your target market, choose which approach makes the most sense but keep it short and succinct and imagine only having 5 seconds to introduce your company to a potential client.

What do we do?

The most important of the 5 W’s in outstaffing: What do you do that makes you great and most importantly –  better than your competitors. 

E.g. – We provide flexible resources to fast growing companies who require additional developers when demand for their product is high.

Sharing your bench just got easier

Are you currently using a Google sheet to manage and share your bench?


Teami makes it faster than ever to update clients and partners with bench resource availability.

Where do we do it?

As your outstaffing team is normally working remotely, the where answer is – Wherever you need us. 

E.g. – We will work on your platforms, alongside you and work as regular members of your team

When are we useful?

This answer enables you to explain to your consumer how you can offer them something of value. The answer to this question should solve a problem or trigger a pain point in your potential client

E.g. – During periods of increased demand, when it doesn’t make sense for you to increase your team on a permanent basis or you don’t have enough time to hire, we can step in quickly and give you the resources you need.

Why would someone use us? 

This W sets you apart from the competition and explains why you should be the company your prospect chooses. Think of this as your USP.

E.g. – We performance manage the team members we provide at our end to ensure that your team is getting the productivity that it expects.

The key to successfully answering these questions is to be in a position where all 5 could be explained in 30 seconds, commonly referred to as an Elevator pitch. With competition so high, your potential clients have lots of options. Keeping things clear, concise and direct can really help you stand out from the crowd and make it easier for potential clients to picture working with you.

The 5 W’s should always act as a blueprint when making decisions or determining the company’s direction. A good idea is to revisit these 5 W’s during periods of growth or decision making and update them should any major changes occur.

When producing your 5 W’s for your Outstaffing company we would strongly advise trying to find a niche due to the level of competition. Positioning yourself as Generalists will make it difficult to stand out and in the beginning, finding an industry that is poorly supported by remote teams or less developers technically may present the greater opportunity for growth. 

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