The Outstaffing Sales & Marketing Funnel


What are the different stages of the Outstaffing sales & marketing funnel?

A funnel is a theoretical framework that is used to understand the journey that your customer makes when going through the sales process within your business. It is used to identify key areas of decision making and influence and help you to work out where better to assign resources to maximise the chances of the prospect becoming a converted client. 

Building out your own sales and marketing funnel – identifying the stages that you think your customer may go through when deciding to work with you – will help you to work out where potential conversions are being lost within your process. This will enable you to change your process to increase the likelihood of a conversion. The more times you identify and fix these issues the more new clients you will have.

In the image below you will see how the Sales and Marketing funnel of today differs to that of the pre internet era.

The availability of information in today’s world means that the normal sales process for many companies has shifted. Previously sales processes took over shortly after a prospect became aware of your company. Now with the increase in ways for a prospect to research your company through reviews websites (Clutch, Trustpilot etc) marketing has taken on a much larger role in the sales process. Most prospects won’t want to be sold too, coming on too hard and trying to pressure them into making a decision to work with you is a tactic that doesn’t gain the same results as previously and certainly not in an industry like outstaffing where the competition is so high.

Understanding the importance of how your company is perceived everywhere that your name is printed online is key to ensuring that prospective new clients will have the confidence to work with you.

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Marketing covers everything from your Social Media presence, paid ad spend and, most importantly, reviews and recommendations. Clutch for the outstaffing industry is essential for any company hoping to attract new customers. Clutch can arguably be more important than your own website and as such requires regular updates. It’s worth asking existing and previous clients to rate and review you which will help you to create a more positive image when new clients look into your company. 

Knowing the right time to start the selling process with your prospects is key to converting them into clients. The marketing phase can still involve members of your sales team but the focus should be on providing your prospect with enough information to get them to make the decision themselves to work with you. Also known as a consultative selling process, this is the most effective way in the outstaffing industry. Once the client appears to be convinced by your offering and has the needs, then it is time to close the deal.

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