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All of your project information, in one place

A complete overview of your clients, project statuses, team members, allocated dates and even rates.
Loved by over 50+ leading global
outsourcing companies.
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A full history of every project, from start to finish.
Every time you create a new project, add or remove team members, update client charge rates or team member hourly rates, Teami will keep a detailed history log so you never forever what happened during a project.
Project financial information, in one place
Easily record the rates you pay your team members and the rate you charge clients. Keep track of currencies, pay frequencies (hourly, daily or monthly) and more
Simply, it’s the best tool to manage outsourcing company operations
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Loved by over 50+ leading global
outsourcing companies.
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Sort by project status
Filter and track by their current status, See the project ‘Ending Soon’ through to ‘Completed” or ‘Archived’ and ‘Terminated’
Search by Start and End dates
At the click af a button you can order your projects by Ending Soonest or Ending Latest. Always know which projects need your immediate attention
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See what team members are allocated to each project
Team member names, job roles, the dates they are planned to join and leave a project and how many hours per week they are allocated to work on this project.
Leave notes for the rest of your team
When a member of your team has an important project update, such as information regarding a new phase of work, add a note so the whole team knows.
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