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Professional looking sales proposals, in seconds

Showcase your bench or propose a team for an existing or potential new client or partner on a professional looking URL instead of a PowerPoint or Spreadsheet.
Loved by over 50+ leading global
outsourcing companies.
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Rapidly create unlimited proposals with our advanced filter options
Create a bench showcase by filtering for team members ‘Available Now’. Propose a team such as your Javascript and Android team by applying skills filters. It takes minutes, not hours.
Customise team member rates, every time
Increase or decrease your proposed team member hourly rates for each proposal depending on what lead, client or partner you are creating the proposal for.
Simply, it’s the best tool to manage outsourcing company operations
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Loved by over 50+ leading global
outsourcing companies.
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All proposals, in one place
Allow all of your team to quickly and easily access sales proposals, in one place. Make changes, save and share the proposal, easily.
Allocate sales contact person
Each proposal will show the contact name and email address of your lead sales person for this proposal. Edit and change this, anytime.
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Only show information you want to share

Each proposal can be customised to show as much or as little information about your team members that you want.

Don’t want to display hourly rates or team member location? No problem.

Add links to CVs
Upload team member CVs from Google Drive links or as doc files directly into Teami. Display links to team member CVs on proposals.
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