Teami vs Clockify: How do these two leading timesheet apps compare?

Teami vs. Clockify: Timesheet Apps Compared

Looking for the best time tracking app for your needs? Here, we compare Clockify and Teami to help you decide which tool is right for you.
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Clockify vs Teami

Clockify used to be the hotshot with their free plan, but now they've gone all stingy and offer way less for free. If you're feeling burned by their new approach, you're probably on the hunt for a Clockify alternative.
Clockify screenTeami screen

Clockify Drawbacks:

The free plan draws you in, but many features require you to upgrade to a paid plan to enable them. Many of the pretty standard features are classed as ‘extras’ and cost more than the alternative 'paid-for' time tracking software


As a minimum you’ll want the Standard Plan which costs $6.99 (monthly) per user (that’s per employee/team member, not per admin user). If you want multiple currencies and cost vs billable reports you’ll need the Pro Plan at $9.99 (monthly) and for an audit log the Enterprise Plan at $14.99 a month.

If you can manage without an audit log (but why should you?) and you need multiple currencies and cost vs billable reports (and who doesn’t nowadays?) the Pro Plan might do you, but, and this is a big but, their multiple currencies is limited to a system currency at the moment. So, ‘any one currency’ rather than multiple currencies!

Different currencies for different clients is on their roadmap, but even then the multiple currency feature will be set at a Client level - nothing is planned for different team member cost currencies.
Clockify screen

How Teami solves this:

All features are included in the banded rates. No exception.

The bigger your team, the lower the price per Team Member. All new, upcoming features will continue to be included in your fixed rate plan - not a paid ‘extra’.
Teami’s features include the multiple task rates, approvals, audit log, billable vs cost reports and their upcoming multiple currencies feature (different billing currencies for different clients) and Teami can handle cost currencies.
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Teami Supports Multi-Currency Agencies

Teami knows many agencies are global - you've got clients being billed in GB Pounds, Canadian Dollars, and Euros and you've got team members getting paid in Ukrainian hryvnia, Polish złoty, and good old US dollars.

Project Billing Report

Our Project Billing report shows how many hours to bill the client for, for which team member and at what rate, in any currency. You can thank us later for making your billing process a breeze.

Billable vs Cost Reports

Our Billable vs Cost Reports, for Team Members and Projects, will show you your mark-up, profit margins and more - in any currency you choose, whether it's the live exchange rate or your own conversion rate.

But wait, there's more!

In-depth Team Insights

Teami can provide you with all the juicy details about your team's assignments, availability, capacity and utilization. We're talking reports that show you team member utilization rates, who's working on what, for how long and how many hours they have left to take on new projects each week.

Pricing: How Do Clockify and Teami Compare?

Quick Comparison (Pay Monthly)

Per Team Member10 Team Members30 Team Members60 Team Members100 Team MembersNotes
Clockify logo$6.99$69.90$209.70$419.40$699.00Need Standart Plan to enable multiple task rates and approvals. Multiple currencies ‘extra’
Teami logoBandings$49$99$149$149Fixed price banding, depends on team size, up to $249. All features included in every plan

Here’s why agencies love Teami

Simple, fast and modern
We really care about the experience our users have within Teami, this means we put extra effort into making sure our product is user friendly and intuitive.
No training needed
High team adoption with privacy first
Teami is anti-surveillance meaning no screen recording or privacy violations. This helps our users get high team buy-in with a time tracking solution they are happy to use.
Powerful features for everyone
We do not charge extra for our multiple currency features or billing types. You can use our full product on every plan - the banded costs depend on the size of your agency.

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