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Qualified Non-billable Hours: How to Get the Most of Non-billable Time

In the dynamic world of business, understanding and effectively managing non-billable hours is crucial for success. But what exactly are non-billable hours and why are they so important? These are the questions we'll explore in this comprehensive guide.
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In the bustling world of business, every minute counts. 

As an industry insider, I've seen firsthand how the concept of 'qualified non-billable hours' can make or break a business's profitability and efficiency. 

But what exactly are qualified non-billable hours? And why are they so important?

These are the questions we'll explore in this comprehensive guide. We'll also delve into the role of software, like Teami, in tracking these crucial hours. So, whether you're new to the business world or a seasoned professional seeking to optimize your operations, this guide is designed to shed light on the pivotal role of billable hours in business success.

Understanding Qualified Non-Billable Hours 

Qualified non-billable hours refer to the time spent by its team members on activities that are not directly billable to a client but still contribute to the overall success of a project or organization. These hours are considered necessary and essential for the company's operations and growth.

Non-billable hours, while not directly contributing to revenue, play a crucial role in business operations and they are essential for the smooth running of the business. Here are some examples of types of qualified non-billable hours and why each one is important:

Administration and Training

Team members may need to spend time on administrative tasks such as attending team meetings, participating in training sessions, or completing internal paperwork. These activities help to keep the organization functioning smoothly and ensure that employees have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their job effectively.

Business Development and Client Management

Team members may engage in non-billable activities related to business development and client management. This can include attending networking events, conducting market research, submitting proposals or bids, or meeting with potential clients. Although these activities do not generate immediate revenue, they are crucial for acquiring new clients, maintaining existing relationships, and expanding the business.

Internal Collaboration and Teamwork

Qualified non-billable hours can also include activities that support internal collaboration and teamwork. This can involve participating in brainstorming sessions, collaborating on projects with colleagues from different departments, or providing mentorship and guidance to junior employees. By fostering a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing, organizations can improve efficiency, foster innovation, and build a more cohesive and productive workforce.

Professional Development 

Qualified non-billable hours can also encompass activities that contribute to the professional development and growth of employees. This may involve attending conferences, workshops, or seminars, pursuing additional certifications or qualifications, or engaging in research and innovation. By investing time in these activities, employees can enhance their skills and knowledge, which ultimately benefits the company in terms of the quality and expertise they bring to their work.

The Importance of Non-Billable Hours

While non-billable hours may not directly contribute to revenue generation, they play a crucial role in the long-term success of a company. By investing time in activities that support employee development, client management, and internal operations, organizations can build a strong foundation for growth and sustainability.

It is important for organizations to value and acknowledge the importance of qualified non-billable hours. This can be done by providing clear guidelines and expectations for employees, giving them the necessary resources and support to complete non-billable tasks efficiently, and recognizing and rewarding their efforts.

The Role of Time Management

Using advanced time-tracking software that includes billable utilization calculation features, such as Teami is one of the most effective methods for tracking billable and non-billable hours. The data collected from this software can then be utilized to identify areas of inefficiency and create targeted strategies for improvement.

According to the recent [2023] BenchPress’ ‘Benchmark for Agencies’ report, using software boosts utilization rates. Agencies that use spreadsheets to track time and manage projects and resources had an average utilization rate for non-director roles of 66%. Those that use software had an average utilization rate for non-director roles of 75%. That difference translates directly into profitability.

Keep in mind that the objective is not solely to increase the number of billable hours, but to also maintain a high standard of work, provide opportunities for learning and growth, and allocate billable and non-billable time appropriately based on job level.


Overall, qualified non-billable hours are an essential and valuable component of an employee's workload. By balancing billable and non-billable tasks, organizations can ensure that they are not only meeting client needs but also investing in their employees and setting themselves up for long-term success.

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