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The 9/80 Schedule or 9 Day Fortnight

Explore the benefits and challenges of the 9/80 schedule and how it works
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What is a 9/80 Work Schedule?

The 9/80 Work Schedule, also known as the 9 Day Fortnight is basically a flexible work arrangement where employees work their same hours, but they are condensed over nine days instead of ten. And they get to enjoy a three-day weekend every other week, adding up to 26 more days off a year! How cool is that?

If employees' standard hours are 80 per fortnight (8 hours a day Monday to Friday) their schedule might involve working nine-hour days from Monday to Thursday and an eight-hour day on Friday in the first week, totaling 44 hours. And in the second week, working nine-hour days from Monday to Thursday and having Friday off, totaling 36 hours. In total, they would work 80 hours over the two-week period.

Or, if their standard hours were 7.5 hours per day (75 per fortnight), instead of working 8am - 4pm (with half an hour for lunch), they would work 8am - 4:45pm 

The Benefits of a 9/80 Schedule:

Having an extra day off allows employees a bit more me-time, you know, time to hit the gym, work on that passion project of yours, or just chill with your family and friends. 

Having at least two additional days off each month also allows employees to take care of personal matters, such as medical appointments or completing errands when it's not so crowded. This additional time off provides flexibility and prevents employees from having to use their vacation days.

Challenges of a 9/80 Schedule

Of course, like any work arrangement, the 9/80 schedule has its caveats. One potential challenge is coordinating with others, especially if you work in a team or have client-facing responsibilities. You'll need to ensure that there's sufficient coverage during your day off and that everyone is on the same page regarding your schedule.

If you need consistent staff throughout the workweek, it might be tough to give everyone the same day off every two weeks. It could mean splitting those on the scheme into two teams with alternating Fridays off or allowing employees to take their day off in the middle of the week.

Additionally, adjusting to the longer workdays during the nine-day stretch can take a bit of getting used to. Some people might find it tiring to work an extra time each day or prefer a more traditional five-day workweek. It's all about personal preference, after all!


With the 9/80 Schedule or 9-Day Fortnight Scheme, the number of contracted working hours remains the same. It allows you to support the work/life balance of your employees without affecting negativity on your operations.


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