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The Pitman Work Schedule

Learn about the Pitman work schedule and discover how these schedules can help businesses achieve 24/7 coverage and maintain operational efficiency.
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The Pitman shift schedule is similar to the 2-2-3 schedule, with 4 teams working 12 hour shifts.

There are two versions of the Pitman schedule:

Version 1: Fixed Pitman schedule — the first team will always work during the day and the second team will work at night.

Version 2: Rotating Pitman schedule — teams rotate so that during one cycle one team works the day shift, and during the next cycle the same team works at night.

The Pitman work schedule is commonly used in industries that require continuous operations and coverage, such as healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and customer service. These industries often need to ensure that they have employees available at all times to meet the demands of their customers or maintain operational efficiency. By implementing the Pitman schedule, they can have a rotating workforce that provides coverage for all shifts, including weekends and holidays.

The Fixed Pitman Schedule

During all cycles of the Pitman fixed schedule, all four teams follow a fixed schedule, with no day to night rotation. So, the first two teams work day shifts, while the other two teams work night shifts.

Example of a Fixed Pitman Schedule 

D = Day shift              N = Night shift              O = Day Off

Day 1 - 14





The Rotating Pitman Schedule

Unlike in the Pitman fixed schedule, where teams always work in the same shifts, in the Pitman rotating schedule, four teams rotate between day and night shifts.  During the first two weeks one team works the day shift, and during the next two weeks it works at night. And, the team that worked at night in the first cycle will work the day shift in the next cycle.

Example of a Rotating Pitman Schedule  

D = Day shift              N = Night shift              O = Day Off

Day 1 - 28





Variations of the Pitman Work Schedule 

Apart from the 2-2-3 work pattern, there are several other popular work schedules, including the 2-2-3 schedule, the DuPont schedule, and the DDNNOO schedule.

2-2-3 and Panama Work Schedule

The 2-2-3 and Panama work schedules involve 4 teams working 12 hour shifts, working in a 2-2-3 pattern.

The 2-2-3 schedule rotates between day and night shifts every 14 days, whereas a Panama schedule rotates between day and night shifts every 28 days.

The DuPont Schedule

Another work pattern is the DuPont schedule, which involves a four-week cycle and consists of four stages:

Stage 1: Work four night shifts, and then take three days off.

Stage 2: Work three day shifts, have one day off, followed by three night shifts.

Stage 3: Have three days off, then work four-day shifts.

Stage 4: Have seven days off.

The DDNNOO schedule

In this six-day cycle, each team works two 12-hour day shifts and two 12-hour night shifts and can be covered by three teams alternating between:

Working two days, 

Working two nights, and 

Two days off. 


The Pitman work schedule has gained popularity as an efficient shift pattern, particularly for businesses needing round-the-clock coverage to maintain operational efficiency or meet customer needs.

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